Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal – Palaces of Bhuj and their stories 2

Walking through the old capital town of Kutch, we listen to a few stories as we explore some of the places to visit in Bhuj Kutch. It is hot and dusty. Everything looks hazy to me – from an ancient monument in front of me to a lake teeming with water birds. And then I look again closely and wonder if I am seeing a mirage. Standing tall in front of me is a huge bell tower, reaching out to 45 metres or 150 feet tall. And a palace , which makes me feel that I am in an European […]

Bhuj, Prag Mahal

Journeys and Jottings – Is there something called too much travel ? 6

Welcome to my monthly editorial – Journeys and Jottings. Is there something called too much travel ? Some would say yes and some would say no. I was asked recently on an interview what does travel mean to me and I said, “Its a way of life.” And I believe in it. But the kind of travel that I am more inclined to these days is slow travel. Travel that lets me soak in the destination where I can do my own thing. Travel with a packed itinerary gives me a feeling that am in a sort of a regiment. […]

Spundana – a journey into the real Kutch 18

The heart of Kutch I believe lies in its villages, the people and the crafts.  Beautiful designs created by thin nimble fingers, the women of Kutch are a treasure house of talent. Shy, smiling, decked in bold jewellery and clad in colourful costumes, the women stand out in the bleary blank landscape. In almost every village that I visited, the women were very hospitable and would invite me home for a cup of coffee. They would smile sheepishly if I asked them to pose for a photograph and laugh away. I can’t tire of travelling to Kutch . And am […]