Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal – Palaces of Bhuj and their stories 2

Walking through the old capital town of Kutch, we listen to a few stories as we explore some of the places to visit in Bhuj Kutch. It is hot and dusty. Everything looks hazy to me – from an ancient monument in front of me to a lake teeming with water birds. And then I look again closely and wonder if I am seeing a mirage. Standing tall in front of me is a huge bell tower, reaching out to 45 metres or 150 feet tall. And a palace , which makes me feel that I am in an European […]

Bhuj, Prag Mahal

Women of Kutch, Arts and crafts of Kutch, Welspun, Spundana

Spundana – Meet the talented and beautiful women of Kutch 1

Go on the Spundana trail to see some exquisite Kutch work by talented women Think Kutch and you think of those beautiful barren landscapes, the dazzling White Rann, the formidable forts and opulent palaces besides the colourful flamingos . Think again and you will see the brilliant hues of Kutch – the bright orange and red bandinis fluttering in the air, the glittering mirrors on backless blouses reflecting them, the earthy tones of the pots and pans, the intricate threads of the embroidery creating a different pattern . Kutch work is one of the most exquisite arts and crafts which […]

Journeys and Jottings – Is there something called too much travel ? 6

Welcome to my monthly editorial – Journeys and Jottings. Is there something called too much travel ? Some would say yes and some would say no. I was asked recently on an interview what does travel mean to me and I said, “Its a way of life.” And I believe in it. But the kind of travel that I am more inclined to these days is slow travel. Travel that lets me soak in the destination where I can do my own thing. Travel with a packed itinerary gives me a feeling that am in a sort of a regiment. […]

Spundana – a journey into the real Kutch 18

The heart of Kutch I believe lies in its villages, the people and the crafts.  Beautiful designs created by thin nimble fingers, the women of Kutch are a treasure house of talent. Shy, smiling, decked in bold jewellery and clad in colourful costumes, the women stand out in the bleary blank landscape. In almost every village that I visited, the women were very hospitable and would invite me home for a cup of coffee. They would smile sheepishly if I asked them to pose for a photograph and laugh away. I can’t tire of travelling to Kutch . And am […]

Five reasons why you must visit Kutch 22

Kutch nahin dekha to kuch nahin dekha is not just a marketing tag line.  During my recent visit to the largest district in India, I realized the truth behind that line rendered in the booming voice of Amitabh Bachchan.  Almost every destination in India is unique in its own way and yet Kutch seems to surpass them in its sheer variety . The landscape, the monument, the talented people – the list goes on. Not just tourists, even birds flock here in large numbers. I was there for just five days last month and I could come up with five […]

Flamingos in Kutch

Ladakh from the skies, Himalayas, snow, clouds

Ten years – ten posts 13

It has been ten years since I started travel blogging and nostalgia is one of the best ways to celebrate the journey. After all travel is not about the number of trips or posts but the memories that are associated with them. Going down the ages, I realized that each of these trips had a story around it and I wanted to share them with them. Almost all of them are from India and they are all personal trips, not sponsored by anyone. 2005 – Talakadu The year I started travel blogging. I created my blog on blogspot purely out […]