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The Sounds of Great Britain 13

If you ever want to immerse yourself in a country, then it has to be its sights and sounds. While most of us set out to experience a country by visiting its landmarks and soaking in the sights, have we ever paid attention to the little sounds that surround us ?From the accents of a local to the whizz of a local metro train to the chimes of a church bell, every sound is unique. And Visit Britain has beautifully captured the sounds of the country so well in this video – from the chimes of the Big Ben to […]

Changing of guard, London

Edinburgh Scotts Monument, Edinburgh literary town, Sir Walter Scott,

A literary tour in Edinburgh

  The closes literally close on you as you wander aimlessly around them. In these narrow, silent, dark alleys, one can imagine a crime scene straight from a murder novel set a century ago. Literature however blossoms in these closes, so typical of old Edinburgh town. Fancy some of their names for a minute . There is Castle Wynd Close, Old Distillery Close, Riddle’s Close, World’s End Close – just to name a few around the Royal Mile in the old town. And some of them, like the Mary King’s Close, named after a daughter of a rich property owner […]

Couples around the world – Lets get hitched 8

So here is a confession – I do not believe in Valentine’s Day as an expression of love . But that said, going by the spirit of the moment, love is all pervasive. You do not need a designated day to celebrate just because the retailers and the marketing men told you so. However, I have seen love blossoming where ever I travel. From London to Avila to Alcala De Henares to Siem Reap, I have seen couples posing for their wedding photographs against the backdrop of a beautiful city . We often ask them permissions before taking their pictures […]