Spain with a sweet tooth 6

Travelling is all about bringing home a collage of memories, which may come in the form of postcards, photographs, or people. You have a whole range of souvenirs to pick up from every place you visit — from T shirts to key chains, from magnets to glasses, from figurines to dolls. The choices are many. While I collect and gift virtually every trinket that I find, I often look for something that is really intrinsic to a country or a region. It could be arts and crafts or some cheese or wine , but these souvenirs are usually known to […]

Segovia, chocolates


Contest Alert : Share your adventure and win a trip to Spain 5

This is not for the feeble hearted. This is for those who seek ocean depths and mountain peaks, who prefer to challenge themselves at every step, who like to push boundaries, who shrug off fear and who get a kick out of flirting with life. This contest is for those who love adventure. So what is the contest about   Its all about adventures, Tell us why you must be an Adventurer We Love. Share your stories, write a post or send a photograph or even better, add a video of your latest dare devil act. Where do you have to […]

Discover a city through its streets 12

Time is a four letter word. After every international trip, especially the ones where the husband accompanies me, the one thought that used to hit me as a refrain – I wish I had more time to explore more. Slow travel as a concept is something that most of the Indian travellers do not understand, yours truly included. We want to explore every bit of the destination. The entire day is almost seized as we visit every attraction mentioned in the trip advisors of the world, photographing monuments or taking selfies and profile pictures. If its not the monuments, then […]

Krakow, Poland

An evening in Segovia, Spain 11

There is a huge crowd that has gathered right in the middle of the square in Segovia in Spain, cheering to the music while some dancers are setting the rhythm for the evening. They seem to be in the midst of a local festival. The energy is in the air as the entire town lands up in this little square, greeting each other and joining in the pageantry. However, I turn my gaze away from the crowds and look at the massive aqueduct that cuts across the length of the town, basking in the evening sunlight. Standing tall and silent, […]

Avila–a fortified town in Spain 6

It is the early afternoon. I am standing in front of a little shrine called Los Cuatro Postes or The Four Posts where four pillars encloses a cross. I climb up a short flight of steps and look out into the vast open space from the shrine. In the immediate distance lies an entire town enclosed by massive granite walls. Towering and formidable, these walls rise above the ground to touch the dark gloomy sky pregnant with droplets of rain. Tinged with a shade of brown ochre, the walls are intact and they look aesthetic as their flat surfaces are […]

Couples around the world – Lets get hitched 8

So here is a confession – I do not believe in Valentine’s Day as an expression of love . But that said, going by the spirit of the moment, love is all pervasive. You do not need a designated day to celebrate just because the retailers and the marketing men told you so. However, I have seen love blossoming where ever I travel. From London to Avila to Alcala De Henares to Siem Reap, I have seen couples posing for their wedding photographs against the backdrop of a beautiful city . We often ask them permissions before taking their pictures […]