Five favourite markets around the world 22

Every market tells a story – of a culture, a craft and a tradition and it is this story that gets sold in the form of souvenirs in tiny little lanes and stalls. There is so much of energy, life and colour in every market and each one of them is unique. Historic and intrinsic to a country’s culture, we visit five different markets from around the world. Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok In a city which is flocked by shoppers, where bargains are a way of life, there is no dearth for markets. But my favourite is the […]

Pushkar, market, rajasthan

Krakow, Poland

Discover a city through its streets 12

Time is a four letter word. After every international trip, especially the ones where the husband accompanies me, the one thought that used to hit me as a refrain – I wish I had more time to explore more. Slow travel as a concept is something that most of the Indian travellers do not understand, yours truly included. We want to explore every bit of the destination. The entire day is almost seized as we visit every attraction mentioned in the trip advisors of the world, photographing monuments or taking selfies and profile pictures. If its not the monuments, then […]

Skywatch Friday–Another bright day at Amsterdam 10

I love summers in Europe..well, who wouldn’t ? Such crisp weather, blue skies and bright blooming flowers..But of course it poured in Amsterdam for a day but the sun returned quickly giving us this view .What about you – are you a summer or a winter person ? To see more beautiful skies, visit Skywatch every Friday

Travel Tuesday–A sunny day in Amsterdam 4

  I was in Amsterdam a few months ago, lost looking at the canals . We went on a ferry that took us on some of the canals that were less frequented and it was quite a day, looking at the fluffy clouds and listening to the stories. We often asked ourselves which city looked more beautiful with the waterways – Venice or Amsterdam ..what do you think should be the answer ? Here is a picture of Venice – what do you guys think ?