Special Sunrises and Sunsets from 2013 20

From a gorgeous sunrise at Nagin Lake, Srinagar Kashmir (Read – Dawn at Nagin Lake, Kashmir) To a sunset in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan (Read Kuldhara – A haunted village near Jaisalmer) A misty morning in Rustic Thailand, in Nakhon Nayok (Read Five Memories from Thailand) To a magical sunset in Redang island, Malaysia (Read Snorkelling in Redang Island) These are some of the most beautiful views of the skies that I have seen in 2013 in my travels. Read my travel story of 2013 here Hoping to see more dramatic skies in 2014. To see gorgeous skies around […]

Mistyt morning Thailand nakhon nayok

Snorkelling in Redang Island 6

The little boy looked all excited in his shiny orange life jacket as his parents held onto his arms and tossed him into the shallow waters of the South China Sea in Pulau Redang . Sitting on a rock at the edge of the beach in the Marine Park, the family gazed at the blue – green waters of the ocean in the Malaysian island, while the boy played with the waves. Surrounding them were millions of tourists , creating a riot of colours ,as their orange life jackets lay scattered amidst the many shades of blue of the sea. […]

Malaysian Musings–In Kuala Lumpur 11

What makes a trip special ? Is it a memory or a moment ? For me, its always a tinge of nostalgia and sometimes a trip down memory lane makes some moments special. It was a special feeling when I landed in Kuala Lumpur, a couple of months ago. It brought back memories of two different trips – my first visit to Malaysia when more than two decades ago, which was also my first trip abroad. And the second was even more special – a trip that the husband and I made to this country more than a decade ago […]

Malaysian Musings – On board ! 4

Pushing my seat back in the comfortable aircraft of Malaysian Airlines, I smiled a bit to myself as the lights dimmed. I was happy for three reasons – one, I was finally going abroad after virtually six months of no international travel ; two, Malaysia was my first stamp on my brand new third passport and three and the most important , I did not have to fly via Mumbai and could take a direct flight from home. Every time I got an invite to an international destination, my biggest grouch is that I had to fly to Mumbai and […]

Colours of Malaysia–Skywatch this Friday 19

What are the key ingredients for a sunset ? A sea, a boat sailing somewhere on the waters, dramatic clouds and a fiery sky. Just what I found in Redang Island a few days ago. I was there on invitation from Tourism Malaysia and the evening made my day ! And guess what, we were invited for Colours of Malaysia and nothing could have been more spectacular. For more pictures of dazzling skies, visit Skywatch.

Travel Update–Colours of Malaysia 3

Its been almost nine years since I last visited Malaysia and I did not even have a digital or a SLR camera then. So I was quite happy when Malaysia Tourism and Malaysian Airlines invited me as a blogger to be one of the representatives of Indian media in their event, Colours of Malaysia. Its largely to do with cultures and people which is right up my forte. So, I look forward to telling you more about it shortly. I have declined three international invites this year due to unavoidable reasons and am glad this is happening. Catch up with […]