The St Patricks Day Parade in Dublin -A photo feature

Go green !  Nothing screams Irish than their celebration of their favourite day. A photo feature of the St Patricks Day Parade Dublin ! Ireland is special and I am not just referring to the country and its absolutely stunning locations. It is the people who define everything “Irish” to me – their sense of humour, their spirit of having fun and wearing their Irishness on their sleeves.   I was mesmerised when I went there for the first time but it was my experience of the St Patricks Day Parade Dublin last year that  made me fall in love […]

Dublin St Patricks Day parade

Murals of Belfast – a photo essay 1

Murals of Belfast Belfast’s trials and tribulations find expression in walls.  A Peace Wall more than 20 feet high separates the Nationalists and the Unionists today. Most tourists flock to the International Wall in Belfast to see the colourful murals painted on them. Political issues  from Belfast’s own Troubles to conflicts raging in the world – Palestine, Iraq , US and other countries to topics like racism are expressed through these murals. Most of these murals keep changing and these are from my previous trip to Northern Ireland.   We stopped by at The Falls Road and Shankill Road, separated […]

On a road trip from Dublin to Cork 9

There is music in the air, a song on the lips, and the feet gently tap to the rhythm of the beat. We are on the road, driving from Dublin towards Cork, cruising through the counties of Limerick and Tipperary listening to the strains of Molly Malone, the unofficial anthem of Dublin city, featuring a fishmonger. The statue of the lady however stands in the heart of the city and is affectionately called many names — “The Tart with the Cart” being one of them, or if you fancy, “The Flirt in the Skirt”. The music changes and we are […]

A circus, Ireland

On St Patrick’s Day revisiting Northern Ireland 12

The vibrant beats drive the blues away even after the sixteen hours and more spent in flying and in transit. I finally land in Belfast and the music comes waltzing in , setting the feet in motion and lifting the spirits up. Even the smallest sign of jet lag disappears with the Irish rhythm . “She is the belle of Belfast city,” choruses the singer as I look out of the window from the coach and lose myself in the land of charms and elves. There are legends everywhere – from little men to giants. Lores and literature are written […]

Remembering Oscar Wilde– Dublin, Ireland 11

  I was participating in a twitter chat yesterday , (hastagged) #TSBC about Oscar Wilde, which took me on a nostalgic journey. It reminded me of my trip to Dublin when we saw his statue in the park and stopped by his house, while listening to stories of how he was persecuted for his sexuality. To me Oscar Wilde is not just a great writer with an amazing wit, but someone whose irreverence and personality is celebrated in his epigrams and one liners today.