Ten things to do in Jakarta Indonesia 15

Our Trip of Wonders to Indonesia began with Jakarta. We were barely here for a couple of days but here is a quick post on some of the top things to do in Jakarta Indonesia. Ten things to do in Jakarta in 48 hours I met ghosts on the streets in Jakarta, saw a magician sitting up in the air, posed with life size puppets, watched a man getting healed on the pavement with a coin and heard the story of a fertility canon which fires passions. And that is when I realized that there is more to the Indonesian […]

Things to do in Jakarta, indonesia

Sangeh Monkey Forest, bali

The sacred monkey forests of Bali 5

The Monkey Forest Bali tour In this Trip of Wonders we now go on a safari in Bali and head on a sacred monkey forest Bali tour There are three of them – Ubud Monkey Forest, Sangeh Monkey Forest and the Monkey Forest in Uluwatu and my favourite is Sangeh. Everytime  I visit Bali, I am in for a surprise and a new experience. This time it was a safari, but of a different kind with Volkswagen. Standing in front of our hotel in Kuta was a row of classic VW 181 convertibles, coloured in different hues – red, yellow, […]

A visit to Senggarang Chinese Village in Bintan Island 10

On this Trip of Wonders in Indonesia, we now visit a fishing hamlet and a Chinese village in Senggarang Bintan and understand some of the traditions of the ethnic chinese community who live here even today. “It just takes one hour by ferry to connect Singapore and Bintan Island, ” says my guide as I wait at the jetty.  Colourful graffiti depicting island life fill the walls. The skies are blue and the oceans reflect the mood, but the boats are colourful. Bintan Island is a melting pot of different ethnic groups from the Chinese, to Malays and the early settlers, […]

Houses and boats at Senggarang Bintan

Indonesia travel diary with Huawei P9 7

Travel photography tips with Huawei P9 review On a recent trip to Indonesia with a group of bloggers, I was reviewing the Huawei P9 as a travel photographer. Coming up – my Indonesian travel diary and some travel photography tips. Indonesia travel diary – a photofeature with Huawei P9  Last month, I was travelling with a group of bloggers from seven different countries on a twelve day trip to Indonesia. Four destinations, half a dozen flights, a sailing expedition and lots of laughter. There was culture and adventure, markets and monuments, mountains and oceans, temples and spas, food and beer, […]

A tryst with the Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island 16

The Komodo National Park ‘Hello Ms. India, please come here, ” says the forest ranger at the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, obviously referring to my bright and chirpy travel companion. The Indonesians’ fixation with India and everything Bollywood is almost as crazy as the tourists’ fascination for the large pre historic komodo dragon that inhabits these islands. In fact virtually every Indonesian that I have met in my trip seems to be excited about Bollywood heroes, with Shahrukh and Salman topping the list. But for today, the centre of attraction in the Komodo National Park is the komodo dragon, the […]

Komodo Dragon Komodo Island Komodo National Park

Six experiences in Bali

Six experiences in Bali that you must not miss 7

Bali attractions – Top things to do in Bali Very rarely I tend to visit the same destination more than once. But Bali has been an exception. The island has already beckoned me thrice and I am heading there for the fourth time again, courtesy, the tourism ministry of Indonesia. Every time I am here, I see a different facet of this destination and I am always at a loss for choice when it comes to Bali attractions, experiences and activities.So here is a list of Bali attractions and top things to do in Bali Places to see in Bali […]