Hong Kong

Happy Chinese New Year- the lantern festival in Hong Kong

Celebrating Chinese New Year – the lantern festival in Hong Kong Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. A few years ago, I had visited Hong Kong with the family.  We took a ferry to Kowloon and saw a glowing spectacle with beautiful brightly lit lanterns. The first time I saw massive lanterns , created like dragons was in Singapore during the Lantern Festival, which was the Mid Autumn Festival. This was more than 15 years ago. However on my recent visit in Hong Kong, I was fascinated to find lanterns in the form of people. The celebrations had started during the […]

Five reasons to visit Hong Kong and Macau 5

Think Hong Kong and Macau and the images that flash in your mind are the glittering lights of an expansive skyline, the lure of the casinos , never ending shopping markets, laser shows  and tourist attractions like Disneyland and Oceanworld. However I was in for a surprise when I visited these island states. I had imagined a bustling dynamic financial capital with all the trappings of a modern city. And yet, as I walked around it, I discovered a quaint town with clusters of islands and peninsulas, retaining a charm of its own. The city-state as it is often referred […]

My affair with The Big Cities 6

There was a time when I hated big cities and all that I associated with  them was noise, the clutter, the pageantry and hype . I would often get lost there.Given a chance, I preferred wilds or the offbeat , rustic, charming towns or heritage sites in ruins. But of late , I seem to be lured by these big cities.. Maybe its the energy, the sights and sounds or just the romantic past tucked away in them, but certainly my fascination for these sprawling metropolises seems to grow. I’ve always loved Bombay and yes, Delhi too. And Chennai, Bangalore […]

Asia through my eyes – Lanterns in Hong Kong 7

I have been doing the 365 project since February 2011  and trying hard to organise and showcase some of the photographs that I had taken from around the world. I had a theme in May called India through my eyes and in June, I decided to look at Asia through my eyes . Do let me know what you think about my perspective I am always fascinated by Chinese Lanterns ever since I visited Singapore in 2000 during the Lantern Festival . So , when I was in Hong Kong recently, I found them extremely fascinating . Loved the way these […]