A gastronomic trail of the Christmas Markets in Germany 6

A magic carpet carries me far and wide from the warm locales of India to the cold winters of Germany in the dead of the night.  But I find myself transported to the land of fairies and elves. It is Christmas and the atmosphere is lyrical. Laughter echoes from the old fashioned pretty carousel dazzling with lights as children run around the Ferris wheel. A steam engine takes my breath away.  Horse carriages steeped in antiquity ferries people around. I am in Bavaria, in the medieval town of Nuremberg, “the little town of wood and cloth”, lost in the spirit […]

Christmas Markets, Germany


Flashback 2014 11

If there was an apt title for this post, it should have been called..”The Roads Not Taken. ” 2014 has not been a great year for me from a traveller’s point of view, simply because I had to priortise some personal committments and health issues over travel. Hence I saw myself saying NO to over 15-20 trips, almost 75 % of them being international destinations.  However I have no regrets and no intention of dwelling on what I could not do. I did very few trips this year but each one of them cut through the clutter of a million […]

On the trail of the Berlin Wall 6

My trail of the Berliner Mauer or the Berlin Wall starts at one of the oldest landmarks of Berlin, Das Brandenburger Tor or the Brandenburg Gate.  It is 9 am and it has been raining since dawn. A group of young school children wearing colourful rain jackets stand in a row looking at this ancient monument. Dennis, my guide explains how the impressive monument reflects the very history of Berlin over the period of years – from the days of Napoleon to Hitler . The gate which was once the symbol of victory when the Prussians regained the city from […]

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

Charlottenburg palace

Charlottenburg palace – a 17th century marvel in Berlin 2

Barely a couple of stops on the Metro from Citadines “Kudamm” is a 17th century palace tucked away in a city filled with reminders of holocaust, World War 2 and Cold War. It is the only palace that stands today in Berlin and is a reminder of the glorious past of the kings who ruled this land. I walked along the River Spree, where silence greeted me as I entered this palace. Built in the 17th century the palace was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, wife of Frederic 111 in a village then called Lietzow. It was called Lietzenburg palace then. […]

Seven reasons to visit Berlin again.. 2

The big map of Berlin, almost like a mural greeted me the moment I stepped out of the lift at Citadines Kurfurstendamm. There were more than 20 points marked on it as places to visit but I had just two full days to explore Berlin and could barely see all of them. I may not able to pen a guide book based on my trip but I can tell you little, offbeat, quaint, interesting things about the city that made me fall in love with it, wishing I could spend longer time there. Berliners are nostalgic Berliners love their history […]

Street art in Berlin

Street art in Berlin – a colourful way of seeing the city 9

Greetings from Citadines Kurfurstendamm Berlin or what is popularly known as Kudamm, the high end glitzy shopping arcade of Berlin. Its such a quiet neighbourhood and yet bustling with life and looks very beautiful with the neon lights on. My residence is all elegance personified, just like the locality where it is located..classy, subtle and comfortable. I am in the Western part of the city, the area that was once West Germany during the days of the Walled Regime. However travelling to the East has absolutely no barriers now, no ghost stations or patrolling officers as the city celebrates 25 years […]