Flashback 2014 11

If there was an apt title for this post, it should have been called..”The Roads Not Taken. ” 2014 has not been a great year for me from a traveller’s point of view, simply because I had to priortise some personal committments and health issues over travel. Hence I saw myself saying NO to over 15-20 trips, almost 75 % of them being international destinations.  However I have no regrets and no intention of dwelling on what I could not do. I did very few trips this year but each one of them cut through the clutter of a million […]


Fort Royal, Cannes, Ile Sainte Marguerite

The Man in the Iron Mask’s tryst with Cannes 5

Who is the Man in the Iron Mask ? Is he the identical twin of King Louis 1V or is he the father of the King Louis 1V ? There are many legends that surround the mysterious prisoner, a man whose tale was wrought with intrigue, illegitimacy, sex, murder and lies. In a rare case of truth being stranger than fiction, this man’s identity was never known as he wore an iron mask until his death. I was introduced to the Man in the Iron Mask by Alexander Dumas whose Three Musketeers remains an eternal favourite. The story of this prisoner […]

My first impressions of Cannes 8

Good morning people..Its 6 30 am at Cannes on a Sunday morning and I am just sitting in my little balcony in my Citadines Croisette apartment and enjoying my morning cup of tea,. It has been a whirlwind tour – the last couple of days and I am in a mood to take my Sunday very easy. Its my last day here and I might as well relax . But Cannes is like this..maybe its got to do with the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean sea with the yachts sailing in the waters at their own pace. It almost feels […]

Cannes, icecream

Where am I off to next ? 22

A lot of you have been asking where I am off to next. So,while I am waiting for my tickets, why don’t you guys take a shot at guessing ? I will give you three simple clues .. 1. This is for the literary enthusiast  – this country introduced me to a  very interesting and famous literary character, a personality that I studied /read about while in school. No, he is not English but his surname lends a word to the English language 2. I was there in August. It was one of those countries that I visited last month […]