Discover a city through its streets 12

Time is a four letter word. After every international trip, especially the ones where the husband accompanies me, the one thought that used to hit me as a refrain – I wish I had more time to explore more. Slow travel as a concept is something that most of the Indian travellers do not understand, yours truly included. We want to explore every bit of the destination. The entire day is almost seized as we visit every attraction mentioned in the trip advisors of the world, photographing monuments or taking selfies and profile pictures. If its not the monuments, then […]

Krakow, Poland

Salzburg – Of Mozart and Music 28

Our plans to visit Austria has always been jinxed. Two years ago, I had planned Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruk and a new project landed on my lap . This time when we were planning our itiniery, Austria was a must do. Our orginal plan was to include Vienna along with Salzburg . A day trip to Salzburg from Munich and then we wanted to take an overnight train to Vienna and continue our journey to Italy from there ..However that was not meant to be . There were no connections available to Vienna and thereafter by train or by air […]