Five monsoon destinations in India 44

As I am writing this post, the monsoon breeze is blowing right outside the window and the dark clouds have just gathered. I can hear the roll of a distant thunder and can virtually smell the rain from my room. Having lived most of my life in Chennai, I am used to the winter monsoon and the cyclonic storms but it was Bangalore where I fell in love with the pre monsoon rains. Initially I hated to travel in June but then I learnt to soak in the wet mood and  I discovered that most of India looks extremely beautiful […]

Rains in Rajasthan

Sunrise Corbett wildlife forest streams

Skywatch Friday – Sunrise in Corbett 8

One of the most beautiful moments is watching dawn break in a forest. Here are some pictures of sunrise in Corbett. When you do not see too much of wild life in the forest, you can lose yourself in the golden colours of the morning. To see more sunrise pictures in Corbett, visit here. And for more stories on Corbett, take a look here . And for more beautiful skies iin the world, visit Skywatch.

Skywatch Friday–Going gaga over the moon in Kanatal 20

Nothing like watching the moon rising against the silhouette of mountains on a cloudless sky in Uttarkhand. We were at Kanatal, staying at the Club Mahindra resort where we were invited for a bloggers meet called Conclay. I just loved standing in the balcony and soaking in the sight To see more beautiful skies around the world visit Skywtch.

Travel Tuesday – India through my eyes – Messaging in Mussoorie 10

  We have seen messaging on mountain roads, on trucks and lorries and on random boards. But this is interesting . We were walking around Landour, in Mussoorie when I ran into these messages. Interestingly these were printed on bins..now that is a great way to either notice a bin or to read a message ! Now that is rather profound !