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Sikkim Stories There is something magical about a monastery that cannot be explained. It has always been my dream for many years to wake up and see the snowy Kangchendzonga, to photograph frozen lakes enroute to  Nathulla Pass, to meander around dreamy rivers like the Teesta and lose myself in misty monasteries like Rumtek. Finally, my dream came true and I spent a few days in Sikkim My first dream was fulfilled when I saw the mist unfurl and unveil the mighty Kangchendzonga in front of my eyes. It all happened with a matter of seconds. The mist came back […]

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Ten years – ten posts 13

It has been ten years since I started travel blogging and nostalgia is one of the best ways to celebrate the journey. After all travel is not about the number of trips or posts but the memories that are associated with them. Going down the ages, I realized that each of these trips had a story around it and I wanted to share them with them. Almost all of them are from India and they are all personal trips, not sponsored by anyone. 2005 – Talakadu The year I started travel blogging. I created my blog on blogspot purely out […]

Skies of Gangtok – on the way to Nathulla Pass 22

The journey to Nathulla Pass near Gangtok is one of the best and there are ample opportunities to stop and take a picture . Many had asked details regarding the permits – these can be got from a travel agency or your hotel as well. You would need a couple of photographs and an ID proof  .  For some skies around the world, visit Skywatch .

At Nathulla Pass – A crash course in Chinese 13

One of the many boards at Nathulla Pass – The Indo China Border atop 14000 feet , near Gangtok. Sikkim. If you plan to visit here, please ensure you have a permit. The weather generally dips to single digits and somtimes in the minus and oxygen supply is rather low here. It is better to start your journey well ahead as roads from Gangtok close by 1 pm towards Nathulla. This is my second visit here and personally if you ask me, it is just another tourist attraction , but the journey is something worth savouring. You can meet the […]

Sikkim – monasteries around Gangtok 10

There is something magical about a monastery that cannot be explained. Spinning the prayer wheels, we entered the Lingdum or Ranka Monastery near Gangtok .While the lamas were in the midst of their evening chants, some of the younger boys were practicing their ritualistic dances in the courtyard. As they swirled around, their movements synchronized with the sonorous music that came from the monastery .A boy lama was gently caned by his senior as he did not get his steps right. Watching them perform, I remembered some of my earlier trips to Sikkim when I had visited a couple of […]

Sikkim – a walk in the clouds 16

You can write an ode to the mist in Sikkim or lose yourself in the fog. But the clouds tell a story of their own. You see them floating from one mountain to another, carrying your thoughts along with them. Sometimes, they just rise from nowhere – just when you think the sun has set and the dusk is here, casting a dark shadow on the sky, a lone cloud shines like a knight, with a flash of brilliance .