From puppets to ghosts – Stories from the road in Rajasthan 11

Sights, sounds and stories as we go on a road trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer on the Nissan Terrano  Mukesh sits quietly in his little colourful corner at the entrance of the Jaisalmer fort. In his hand is a little thread that holds a puppet. Clad in bright green dress, with big beautiful eyes, the puppet looks up at him, as he cradles her lovingly in his arms. In a few minutes he will be breathing life into her, making her laugh and cry. Surrounding him are several couples, dressed in different vibrant colours and each one tells a story. […]


Udaipur, City Palace

A holiday in Udaipur after 14 years 4

As a travel blogger and writer, I hardly go on a holiday, especially with my husband. Every trip invariably becomes work as I always end up looking for stories. But, this time I decided I needed a break. I was in Rajasthan on a road trip and I had a few days in between two assignments. So I called up my husband and asked him to join me for a holiday in Udaipur. It had been 14 years since we had been to the City of Lakes. Nostalgia was in the air. It was the first trip we had made […]

Ten years – ten posts 13

It has been ten years since I started travel blogging and nostalgia is one of the best ways to celebrate the journey. After all travel is not about the number of trips or posts but the memories that are associated with them. Going down the ages, I realized that each of these trips had a story around it and I wanted to share them with them. Almost all of them are from India and they are all personal trips, not sponsored by anyone. 2005 – Talakadu The year I started travel blogging. I created my blog on blogspot purely out […]

Ladakh from the skies, Himalayas, snow, clouds

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

A visit to Lodurva, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 17

The rain stops and the sun’s rays stroke the pillared corridor of the palatial fortress Suryagarh. A pair of peacocks saunter in and stretch themselves lazily on the lawn.The sun is finally back  and it is a cue for me to step out and explore one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan built in Jaisalmer in the 12th century by Bhati Rajput king Rao Jaiswal . The bastions tower over me as I enter the fort. There is a bit of traffic as locals elbow their way through the narrow lanes,  even as they are outnumbered by large numbers of […]

Five monsoon destinations in India 44

As I am writing this post, the monsoon breeze is blowing right outside the window and the dark clouds have just gathered. I can hear the roll of a distant thunder and can virtually smell the rain from my room. Having lived most of my life in Chennai, I am used to the winter monsoon and the cyclonic storms but it was Bangalore where I fell in love with the pre monsoon rains. Initially I hated to travel in June but then I learnt to soak in the wet mood and  I discovered that most of India looks extremely beautiful […]

Rains in Rajasthan

Pushkar, market, rajasthan

Five favourite markets around the world 22

Every market tells a story – of a culture, a craft and a tradition and it is this story that gets sold in the form of souvenirs in tiny little lanes and stalls. There is so much of energy, life and colour in every market and each one of them is unique. Historic and intrinsic to a country’s culture, we visit five different markets from around the world. Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok In a city which is flocked by shoppers, where bargains are a way of life, there is no dearth for markets. But my favourite is the […]