Lost in the beaches of Sindudurg 3

Beaches of Sindudurg The sun is a bit harsh but I can hardly feel the heat, as the sea breeze comes calling, nudging past my cheek gently. The path ahead of me is littered with many thorny bushes, sprouting amidst the ruins of an old crumbled fort, but I walk ahead, interrupting some birds on the way. Exotic wild fruits hanging low from their branches look rather tempting, but I am careful to pick only the kokum fruits that lie ripe on the trees. The black kites circle the sky . I look down from the craggy outcrop to see […]


Inside Story – Sindhudurg 20

“Can you see the fort there?” We were at the Malvan beach, when we saw a two-mile-long wall of a fort standing tall against the horizon. “There are close to 15 families staying there even now. My aunt lives there…” We had befriended a self-styled guide who decided to give us an armchair history of Sindhudurg, the fort that lent its name to the district. “Sindhu means sea and Durg is, of course, fort; hence the name,” he explained. Built by Maratha emperor Shivaji in the 17th Century across 44 acres of land, this ocean fort located in Kurute island […]

A speck in the horizon.. 38

I was in Sindhudurg on the Konkan coastline last week when the dramatic skies above the Arabian Sea changed from a bright blue to gold to rosy pink to grey and black. We spent every day at a different beach, but this picture of the Tarkarli Beach stands out in my mind. It may not enter a picture post card contest, but it gave me a perspective of insignificant and small we human beings are when compared to nature. It reminds of the last two lines of Keats'(my all time fav poet) sonnet, ” When I have fears that […]

Sindhudurg – a refreshing trip 26

I finally satisfied my wanderlust for a new destination. Sindhudurg it was last week on the Konkan coast on the Maharashtra-Goa border. Before I take you to the sights and sounds of Sindhudurg, I had my heart fill of sharbats , vada pavs , misal pavs, kandha(onion)bhajji..The sharbats (juices-refer to the first picture)are the most refreshing,especially the kokum .Im still salivating..

A dark morning 15

Its dark in Chennai where I am currently, as it has been raining cats and dogs. My house is an island and I am stranded, waiting for the waters to recede .On the other side of the coast in Mumbai, it is been raining bullets. I feel extremely hollow and sad as I wake up to the killings in Mumbai. Besides Chennai, Mumbai is the city that has groomed me and I owe a lot to this city.I studied there, lived there, built my life and career there and lots of friends and colleagues are still there . It was […]