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The Baghelas and the White Tiger of Rewa 2

What fascinates me about history are the not the facts and figures that are thrust on us, but the stories – especially the ones that are untold. Staring at the crumbled bricks of an old building, the faded walls, the dilapitated pillars, the rusty doors, my imagination takes me into a different era. Who would have lived here and what were their stories ? Is there an unseen ghost roaming around ? Are there haunting memories that just vanished into thin air ? Every dusty town and village in India has these stories to tell, if only someone had documented […]

white tiger of Rewa

Erotic sculptures of Khajuraho

Stories and myths around the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho 3

Perhaps no other destination evokes so many different responses like Khajuraho does. The erotic sculptures of Khajuraho are the cynosure of all eyes and yet, you get varied reactions from people who visit the town. While some are cynical, others cringe. A few are embarrased, others are disappointed. The guides with poker faces point to ” an oral activity” or a ” group activity”, while most tourists giggle or look away.   The vendors on the street sell kamasutra packaged as paintings or books or crude carvings depicting various forms of lovemaking. And yet, there is an intrigue around the […]

The wild side of Madhya Pradesh – Looking beyond the tiger 2

In this post, we visit Panna National Park and Sanjay Dubri National Park, two lesser known tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh  “Yahan dekhne ke liye sab kuch milega (You can see everything here) –  chital,langur, sambar deer, nilgai, wild boar, bear, “rattles off my guide, Dinesh Yadav  as we go on a bumpy ride,  early in the morning in Sanjay Dubri National Park, one of the new tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh.There is however no mention of the tiger, until I prod him. ” Haan, tiger bhi hai, ” ( Yes, there are tigers too ) he adds as an afterthought. […]

Madhya pradesh wildlife

Madhya Pradesh - Raneh Falls

Jungle camps to heritage hotels – Hotels in Madhya Pradesh 2

I have a confession. As a traveller, my focus is usually about the destination – the culture, the experiences, the people, the sights, the markets, the colours, the flavours. I would initially think of a hotel as just a place to rest my head before moving on to the next adventure of the day. But then slowly that perspective changed . Hotels I believe are an integral part of a travel experience. Be it a resort or just a room, they absorb the very essence of the destination in them and they are key players in sustainable tourism. I usually […]

A road trip in Madhya Pradesh – Photofeature 8

Personally for me, the journey has always been the destination.  I am fascinated by road trips – the little pitstops on the way, the funny road signs, interesting conversations with locals, rustic landscapes, local cuisine and colours and flavours that you encounter along the way. In my recent trip to Madhya Pradesh with Holiday IQ, we were on the road almost everyday and here is a photofeature on some of the must see places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Our journey either started in the wee hours of the morning or we were reaching our destinations in the middle of the […]

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Orchha, myths and legends

Myths and legends of Orchha – A dead prince still lives 3

I love legends and myths. And they add a charm to every destination. In today’s day and age, when we learn to scoff at beliefs and superstitions, when we are cynical about everything we hear, stories like these act as magic potion . They give a different dimension to the rock we see or a ruin in the corner. But most important – these stories are intrinsic to every destination and they are etched in people’s minds for generations. This April, I am going to tell you a bed time story every day and we start with the myths and […]