St Angelo Fort in Kannur and its stories 5

Heroes don’t feature in the stories around forts. A villain sometimes makes for a more interesting tale. That is the legend I hear when I land in Kannur. Colonial flavour runs high in the town even centuries after Vasco da Gama landed in Kerala (nearly 100 km south at Kozhikode, in 1498). Driving around forts, lighthouses and churches takes you to the era when battles were fought at sea and enemies were thrown in dungeons. It is almost sunset and I am driving towards St Angelo Fort in Kannur to listen to its stories. The fort stands majestically with history […]

Kannur Fort

spotted deer, nagarhole

Head to Kutta in Coorg this monsoons 10

This monsoon, get a slice of Coorg and head to Kutta – a destination that is a mix of forests and plantations. A border town between Karnataka and Kerala, Kutta is part of Coorg, nestled deep inside the Western Ghats at the southern end of the coffee country. Yet for the usual visitors to Coorg, it rarely fits into their tourist itinerary, leaving it a virtually unexplored territory. I have been to Coorg many times but Kutta has always been special to me. Serendipity had brought me here on my first trip to Coorg and it had been my first […]

Five monsoon destinations in India 44

As I am writing this post, the monsoon breeze is blowing right outside the window and the dark clouds have just gathered. I can hear the roll of a distant thunder and can virtually smell the rain from my room. Having lived most of my life in Chennai, I am used to the winter monsoon and the cyclonic storms but it was Bangalore where I fell in love with the pre monsoon rains. Initially I hated to travel in June but then I learnt to soak in the wet mood and  I discovered that most of India looks extremely beautiful […]

Rains in Rajasthan

birdwatching in Thattekadu, Kerala, Malabar grey hornbills

Birding Diaries – Malabar Grey Hornbills in Thattekad 11

Love is in the air today . Saw a pair of malabar grey hornbills in Thattekad in the middle of a private conversation. Love is in the air. Saw a pair of Malabar Grey Hornbills in Thattekadu and it seemed like they were in the middle of a private conversation. For beautiful skies around the world, visit Skywatch . For more birds, visit Birding Diaries

A safari at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad 7

A journey into the wilds often takes me on a date with dawn . And I rose one morning to greet the sun only to find him lost somewhere amidst the many layers of clouds. It took me however a little time to realize that it was the mist that played the central character here. Lending a mysterious aura to the entire landscape, it was teasing the traveller, revealing just itsy bitsy patches of green and wrapping the scenery in its fold. A temporary facade of white blinded the eye, until the mist just melted away .  And then I  […]

White belied woodpecker, Wayanad Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Kerala

Kannur Beach, Kerala

A weekend trip to a beach in Kannur Kerala 15

Its been ages since I visited Kerala. I wanted to see a different part of this much marketed state and I was pleasantly surprised to see Kannur, untouched by tourism. It was rustic and beautiful and the beaches were absolutely virgin.We were staying in a beach house, right on the sea shore , deep inside a village between Thalassery and Kannur. All I saw were a few fishermen, kids and some waders. I have over three memory cards full and all I have downloaded are these couple of pictures..will be posting some photographs and posts soon, but for now, soak […]