Stepping back in time in Malkhed or Manyakheta of Rashtrakutas 8

My search for historic old towns in Karnataka that once helmed the affairs of powerful dynasties takes me to ancient dusty towns, where crumbles and ruins are all that greet me . Kingdoms have been wiped down and their prosperity razed to earth in these narrow streets where houses lie huddled together, riddled with poverty. These are the thoughts that enter my head as I walk in the lanes of Malked, a town located in Gulbarga district known today for a prominent cement factory. The river Kagini , a tributary of Bheema flows close by, as a few egrets and […]

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Hemakuta Hill, Places to visit in Hampi

The ruins speak – Tales and trails from Hampi 7

Trails and tales – Places to visit in Hampi My trip to Hampi was courtesy Orange County Hampi and I went on a guided trail to some of the places to visit in Hampi. This post focusses on the ruins of Hampi, places near Hampi, monuments of Hampi and stories of these monuments.  My heart skips a beat as I enter the portals of the ancient city of Vijaynagar, popularly known as Hampi today. I can feel the excitement pounding inside me.  Even after five trips, Hampi has this effect on me. Nostalgia is mixed with awe as I remember […]

A road trip to Jog Falls on the Renault Lodgy 11

A road trip to Jog Falls Karnataka There are five ingredients that make for a great road trip – fantastic weather, great company, good food, interesting sights and finally, an awesome car. And I am lucky to have them all. The monsoons come calling and it seems like the ideal time to head out to Jog Falls Karnataka. The forests are kissed by the rains, the wet breeze nudges your cheeks, the meandering damp roads beckon- it seems like a sign from the universe to soak in the moment. And so, when a shining brand new Renault Lodgy, glowing in […]

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Ibrahim Rauza

Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur 4

Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Getting off from the railway station at Bijapur, I am lost in a melee of fruit vendors, auto drivers, cyclists and passengers. The 10th century town founded by the Kalyani Chalukyas is now rechristened as Vijaypur, its old name meaning the town of century. But my auto driver points out to the ripe red rounded pomegranates that are sold in every corner of the city and says that the name “ Bijapur” probably referred to the beejas or seeds of the fruit. Driving down around the town, you barely get a feel of the Kalyani Chalukya influence […]

Eleven must see monuments in Bijapur 10

Walking around Bijapur, in Karnataka is like traversing down a historic route. And there is more to it than just the monumental Gol Gumbaz, the symbol of the town. The Palmyra of the Deccan as the town is referred to is filled with monuments that takes you on a trail of the Adil Shahi Dynasty. Here are eleven must see monuments in Bijapur. On a dry afternoon in Bijapur, I took an autorickshaw and explored the town. Mosques, mahals and mausoleums filled the landscape, throwing shadows of the past. The trees would part ways to show us a peek into an […]

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Hoysala Jains Halebeed Basadihalli

Five Jain temples in Karnataka that you must visit 5

Five Jain temples in Karnataka India I have always been fascinated by Jaina sites. They are not just ancient but are usually in very remote destinations – atop hillocks or in caves. I even did a short course on how Jainism spread to South India and was surprised to learn that the Tamil Jains are an indigenous community. The first time I had ever been to Jaina site was to Shravanbelgola, when I was a child. But I started exploring the basadis in Karnataka when I went on a Hoysala trail.  I have not been to many places but here […]