Himachal Pradesh

A do nothing holiday in Kandaghat 16

Have you ever had a holiday just staring at the mountains, watching the mist float gently from one peak to the other, revealing streaks of sunlight caressing the contours of the conifers ? Have you ever had a holiday when you hear a mysterious call of a bird and you step out of your room looking for it, while it plays hide and seek with you ? Have you ever had a holiday when all you do is to eat to your hearts content and then burn all those calories by just walking aimlessly ? If not , then head […]

Kids, Himachal Pradesh

Sunrise, Mashobra

Driving down in Himachal Pradesh to Mashobra and Chail 22

The roads curl and wind through the mountains, but every time I look out of the window, the deodars are there. And so are the conifers  and the pines, standing as sentinels, watching every new visitor on the Himalayan roads. While driving around The Himalayas, I hardly feel like I am moving from one town to another. The landscape remains almost the same but I never tire of it The sun is not always a constant companion but when he peeps out of the clouds, the little streams that are fresh out of the woods and are learning to chart […]

Birth of a hill station – Chail 19

Almost every hill station in India – be it Shimla  or Darjeeling tell the same story. Lush and plentiful in summer with snow kissed conifers carpeted on their slopes in winters, these towns have been plucked   out of nature by the British. The quaint names, a sleepy railway station, an ancient church , a club and the palatial bungalows are all reminiscent of the old world charm.   If you take a leisurely walk down the malls and markets of these towns, they still smack of the colonial legacy. These hill stations were dubbed the summer capitals of the Britishers who […]

A good start 15

Its a great feeling to start a new year and here is wishing all my readers a happy new year. Ive just been caught up in some niggling health issues and in a flurry of activities, but I believe 2010 will be a dramatic year of sorts. I have no clue where it will take me, but am sure I will get somewhere. Join me as we go on this unplanned trip together..hope you would enjoy it as well

India through my eyes – A formula for a clean city 23

As we walked in Kasauli rather aimlessly, we saw this warning near the Kasauli Club.Must say it works..the place was rather clean Btw, I was pleasantly surprised when I found a mail in my inbox informing me that I have been nominated for Indibloggies -2008 in the travel category. There are quite a few blogs out there in other segments as well. I would appreciate it if you can take a few moments and vote for me .Another temptation for travel buffs out there. Arun, my partner at Travelwise is planning a trek to Goecha-la, a high pass in Kanchenjunga […]