A tale of friendship between Krishna and Sudama 7

The saga of Krishna and Sudama friendship Towns tell tales of friendships. Some of these are legendary like the friendship between Krishna and Sudama. A story which is almost a parable on friendship, it took me to my childhood when I used to pour over Amar Chitra Katha comics. A tale which says that friendship towers above all – power or wealth. I am in Dwarka  and I am reliving the story. Krishna was a king and yet to him, it was his friends who mattered. Sudama was going through a bad phase and he knew his friend was a king, […]

Krishna Sudama friendship

Modhera, Sun temple, Gujarat

Modhera the sun temple in Gujarat – a photofeature 9

Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat It was a bright sunny day as we drove towards Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat from Ahmedabad, located 100 kms away from the city.  And in this small village, which is about 33 kms from Patan, the ancient capital of the Solanki Dynasty is a grand edifice dedicated to the Surya or the Sun God. The Solankis were worshippers of the sun as they called themselves Suryavanishis or the descendants of the Sun God. King Bhimdev had built this temple in the 11th century dedicating it to Surya. It is believed that the worship of Surya would have dated […]

A birding and wildlife tour to Little Rann of Kutch 21

Little Rann of Kutch – LRK One look at the vast expanse of mudflats stretching towards the horizon, basking in monotones of beige, with its parched flat terrain filled with salt, cracking like biscuits under my feet and I realized that the Little Rann of Kutch or LRK is not really Little. At 5000 sq kms it may occupy less area than the Great Rann of Kutch which extends for over 7500  sq kms but the never ending fabric of earth was mesmerizing. The salt marshes here were not pristine white but there was a certain beauty in the barrenness. […]

LRK, birds, Gujarat

Kutch, Gujarat, people

My first impressions of Kutch 40

I ended 2014 and began 2015 with Kutch. Ironically Kutch was never on the agenda. The husband and I usually holiday together in the first week of January and I had planned to only visit Ahmedabad and LRK – the Little Rann of Kutch to do some birding. But then he was very adamant on visiting Greater Rann of Kutch and at the last minute we “advanced” our holiday by a few days and headed to Kutch. It was a crazy decision. There was no way we could get a place to stay anywhere. In fact we were lugging bags […]