Bird watching in Goa on a river cruise 12

There is always a sense of intrigue when you begin a journey in the dark. There is a certain rawness, a dense silence that you can feel in the wild. The bushes crowd around you; it is cold and dark .  I shiver a bit, reaching out to a cup of chai to keep me warm and reassured. For a moment, my senses are lulled by the chill morning breeze. I look around and see the shadowy outlines of the coconut trees standing tall, lit by the moonlight. It takes a moment to sink in. I am in the jungles […]

woolly necked stork, Goa

Luxury yachts in Goa

Why you must sail on a yacht and not a boat in Goa 12

Luxury Yachts, Goa One of my earliest “misadventurers” was in a yacht club when I tried learning to sail as a young teenager. It was in Madras (now Chennai) harbour and on my very first day out at sea, I plunged into the deep . I barely ventured out again but my fascination with yachts and sailing was rekindled with the husband learning how to sail . So, every time I travelled to islands and beach destinations, I was lost in a medley of sails and yachts. My earliest memory was looking out of my hotel window in Auckland and […]

Goa beyond beaches – The Shigmo Festival 13

I was in Goa a few years ago during spring and I got to see a different Goa beyond the beaches. It was the Shigmo Festival, which is celebrated across the state. Watch the video on Shigmo here I did publish a story on  Yahoo which was published a while ago It is twilight in Panjim and a little boy dressed in all finery stands in the middle of the street and brandishes a sword in the air. But in a moment he is engulfed by the thunderous beats of the dhol and the high pitch of the cymbals. In […]

Goa, festival, Shigmo

Rains in Rajasthan

Five monsoon destinations in India 44

As I am writing this post, the monsoon breeze is blowing right outside the window and the dark clouds have just gathered. I can hear the roll of a distant thunder and can virtually smell the rain from my room. Having lived most of my life in Chennai, I am used to the winter monsoon and the cyclonic storms but it was Bangalore where I fell in love with the pre monsoon rains. Initially I hated to travel in June but then I learnt to soak in the wet mood and  I discovered that most of India looks extremely beautiful […]

Birding Diaries–Carambolim Lake, Goa 14

Lesser whistling ducks It’s a very hot morning in Goa. They say spring is in the air, but I can feel the bright sun burning through the skin as early as 630 am. However, I am an early bird and that in Goa is rather unusual. As I head out, all I see in my fifteen minute journey are two pups cuddled up in the middle of the road. The vada pav stalls are not yet open and I do not see a single local tea shop on the road. Soon civilisation gives way to large tracts of fields and […]