Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal – Palaces of Bhuj and their stories 2

Walking through the old capital town of Kutch, we listen to a few stories as we explore some of the places to visit in Bhuj Kutch. It is hot and dusty. Everything looks hazy to me – from an ancient monument in front of me to a lake teeming with water birds. And then I look again closely and wonder if I am seeing a mirage. Standing tall in front of me is a huge bell tower, reaching out to 45 metres or 150 feet tall. And a palace , which makes me feel that I am in an European […]

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Rani Ki Vav stepwell Gujarat

Rani Ki Vav, an ancient stepwell in Patan Gujarat 12

Rani Ki Vav – stepwell steeped in history A little girl is playing hop skip and jump on the steps while her parents stand enchanted by the sculptures on the wall. I feel like I am stepping back into time as we step into Rani Ki Vav stepwell in Patan Gujarat It reminds me of all the childhood games we used to play as kids on a flight of steps. It is early afternoon and the sun is harsh, burning almost everything in sight. But I stand there mesmerized, looking at the 11th century architecture marvel, Rani Ki Vav which […]

My first impressions of Kutch 40

I ended 2014 and began 2015 with Kutch. Ironically Kutch was never on the agenda. The husband and I usually holiday together in the first week of January and I had planned to only visit Ahmedabad and LRK – the Little Rann of Kutch to do some birding. But then he was very adamant on visiting Greater Rann of Kutch and at the last minute we “advanced” our holiday by a few days and headed to Kutch. It was a crazy decision. There was no way we could get a place to stay anywhere. In fact we were lugging bags […]

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