The St Patricks Day Parade in Dublin -A photo feature

Go green !  Nothing screams Irish than their celebration of their favourite day. A photo feature of the St Patricks Day Parade Dublin ! Ireland is special and I am not just referring to the country and its absolutely stunning locations. It is the people who define everything “Irish” to me – their sense of humour, their spirit of having fun and wearing their Irishness on their sleeves.   I was mesmerised when I went there for the first time but it was my experience of the St Patricks Day Parade Dublin last year that  made me fall in love […]

Dublin St Patricks Day parade

Pondicherry Heritage town

The Tamil Quarters – A walk through the quaint Heritage town of Pondicherry 1

There is a Pondicherry beyond French India, beyond the crepes and the colonial flavour, beyond the beautiful villas, the beaches and the gardens. And that is the old Tamil town, which is now a Pondicherry Heritage Town You can discover a different town that lies in the old streets, in markets and temples and it is referred to as Pondicherry Heritage Town There are two towns in Pondicherry –  French and Indian or Tamil and a canal divides them. I spent one lazy afternoon with my Honor 6X phone in hand , walking through these streets of Pondicherry Heritage Town. […]

French town Pondicherry – a photo feature captured by Honor 6X 7

It is a beautiful morning with the sun shining rather brightly, reminding me that summer is on its way. But walking around the lovely houses in the French town Pondicherry, the landscape is coated in shades of pastels. If there is a town that is made for street and mobile photography, then it is Pondicherry as the French town Pondicherry gives you some great colours and textures.    The city is drenched in shades of pinks and peaches and am not just referring to the bougainvilleas in bloom.  I have my Honor 6 X,  my new toy with me and […]

Pondicherry French town

Temples of Bhubaneshwar

Temples of Bhubaneshwar – a photo feature 10   Recently updated !

Temples of Bhubaneshwar  While many associate Odisha with the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Sun Temple at Konark, not many travellers are aware of the many old temples in Bhubaneshwar. The capital of Odisha is filled with ancient monuments including rock cut cave temples and monasteries. There are shrines dedicated to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and even ancient Tantrik temples are found here.  The city takes its name from Tribhuneshwar, a form of Shiva and most of the old temples of Bhubaneshwar are dedicated to him.   The 1000 year old Lingaraja temple dedicated to Harihara is at the centre of […]

From puppets to ghosts – Stories from the road in Rajasthan 11

Sights, sounds and stories as we go on a road trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer on the Nissan Terrano  Mukesh sits quietly in his little colourful corner at the entrance of the Jaisalmer fort. In his hand is a little thread that holds a puppet. Clad in bright green dress, with big beautiful eyes, the puppet looks up at him, as he cradles her lovingly in his arms. In a few minutes he will be breathing life into her, making her laugh and cry. Surrounding him are several couples, dressed in different vibrant colours and each one tells a story. […]


Malkhed -fort- rashtrakutas-heritage sites of Karnataka

Stepping back in time in Malkhed or Manyakheta of Rashtrakutas 8

My search for historic old towns in Karnataka that once helmed the affairs of powerful dynasties takes me to ancient dusty towns, where crumbles and ruins are all that greet me . Kingdoms have been wiped down and their prosperity razed to earth in these narrow streets where houses lie huddled together, riddled with poverty. These are the thoughts that enter my head as I walk in the lanes of Malked, a town located in Gulbarga district known today for a prominent cement factory. The river Kagini , a tributary of Bheema flows close by, as a few egrets and […]