Erotic sculptures in Khajuraho and Konark 2

Indian art and architecture has always celebrated sensuality and eroticism. Although most temples in India have their share of erotic sculptures, they are at their passionate best in the temples in Khajuraho and Konark, both of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India Lost in a world of caresses with passions running high are millions […]

Konark, erotic art

Fly away to a new quest in life

Planning to quit your job and travel the world ? Here are some tips.. 22

Everyday I wake up to emails and queries on twitter and facebook relating to travel, solo travel, travel writing, blogging. And while I reply every mail, it is difficult to respond to every single query. Very often, the questions are the same. I want to travel. I want to be a travel writer . I […]

Ritual offerings at Ayyanar temples in Chettinadu for Tamil New Year

Around mid April, Tamilians in India celebrate their new year as the month of Chithrai dawns. During this period, several ritual offerings are offered to many deities in temples. The local guardian deities are called Ayyanars and every village has an Ayyanar shrine. (See my post on Ayyanar shrines around Tamil Nadu ) I was […]

Chettinady, Ayyanar temple

Sonmarg, Kashmir

A carpet of snow at Sonmarg, Kashmir, India 6

Bubli was standing alone in a little patch of green, looking absolutely disinterested in the crowd that had just gathered around her. She was probably missing her Bunty. In a region where every grove, forest, glacier and valley has been immortalised by every actor known to Bollywood, it came as no surprise to me that […]

Teerthams of Rameshwaram 11

The ocean parts ways as the road takes us to a small temple. It is a  cloudy day and the seas look grey and a bit wild. The road ends at a temple which seems renovated. We climb some steps and look out through the arches at the sea. . I am standing in the […]

A bridge to Vilondi teertham