Five favourite experiences from British Columbia, Canada 2   Recently updated !

I was in Canada last fall and visited British Columbia on invitation from the tourism board. I had been travelling in Europe for almost ten days and instead of flying back to India, I decided to fly straight out from Amsterdam to Vancouver. It was a long flight and my […]

Whistler, British Columbia,

Luxury yachts in Goa

Why you must sail on a yacht and not a boat in Goa 5   Recently updated !

One of my earliest “misadventurers” was in a yacht club when I tried learning to sail as a young teenager. It was in Madras (now Chennai) harbour and on my very first day out at sea, I plunged into the deep . I barely ventured out again but my fascination […]

Flavours of a Mega Kitchen in India 3

I was in Puri Jagannath Temple recently when I had a sneak preview into their massive kitchen that serves food to the deity which is then partaken by the devotees, for a small fee. The kitchen is huge and food is prepared in earthern pots , cooked in firewood and water […]

Shirdi , kitchens

Dwarasamudra, Halebeed, ruins

Ancient capital towns of dynasties in Karnataka – Part one 1   Recently updated !

I have often asked myself if there is one aspect of travel that I am partial to. I love the wilds, enjoy the solitude of a quaint town, love to listen to the soothing sounds of the waves, feel the energy of a big city and listen to stories of […]

Snorkeling at La Digue, Seychelles 3   Recently updated !

“Jump, “ orders the skipper Hyacinth as I look nervously at the ocean depths below from the boat. “Its ok, if you don’t know how to swim,” he adds in a loud booming voice. Clad in my life jacket with a snorkel mask in my hand, I have never felt […]

Cocos Seychelles