Happy Chinese New Year- the lantern festival in Hong Kong   Recently updated !

Celebrating Chinese New Year – the lantern festival in Hong Kong Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. A few years ago, I had visited Hong Kong with the family.  We took a ferry to Kowloon and saw a glowing spectacle with beautiful brightly lit lanterns. The first time I saw […]



BMW 7- The future of luxury is here   Recently updated !

Munich in Germany is one of my favourite cities . The first time I visited the Bavarian capital, I fell in love with it. And it was not just the beer. Standing in front of me were the beauties, shimmering in the light. I am inside the Salad Bowl of […]

Five cultural shows in Indonesia that you must not miss 3   Recently updated !

Five cultural shows in Indonesia that you must not miss Every time I travel, I like to watch a show – theatre, dances, music, magic – why, even a cabaret ! And in Indonesia, I spent a lot of my time watching several performances. For a country with over 17500 […]

Caci Dance


Journeys and Jottings 3   Recently updated !

  Greetings and another warm welcome to Journeys and Jottings. I cannot believe that we are already in the second month of this calendar year. But then of course, the Chinese New Year is a few days away. I did not travel anywhere last month except for visiting Madras or […]

Pongal celebrations in Chennai with Asus Zenphone Zoom

I pride myself on my ability to pack very light always, whenever I travel – whether its in India or overseas. But I get very stressed when I have to pack my camera kit. I dont like to carry too many lenses  and I always have a dilemma whether to […]

The optical zoom is one of the best feature of the phone