Pattadakal – Temples built by queens, not kings 3   Recently updated !

The red craggy sandstone cliffs form a rather stark background against the sky, accompanying me on my journey. Occasionally the scenery bursts into acres of green or bright yellow sunflower fields, but it is the mountains that gave me constant company.  The River Malaprabha interrupts my journey as small streams of water flow across the […]

Pattadakal temple, Virupaksha temple


Go Explore with goibibo – Mystical Ladakh 2   Recently updated !

Welcome to a new edition of Go Explore with goibibo. We have travelled with you to the wild forests to Masinagudi and then to the beaches at Karwar. But now, it is summer and its a great time to head to the mountains . And what can be more beautiful than watching the first rays […]

Kaatu Kovil – Chennai’s oldest church 6

On a cloudy day in Chennai, when the sun was rather merciful, I was walking around the streets of Santhome with a group of journalists and heritage enthusiasts exploring the Portuguese legacy in the city  and and its association with St Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and the man who is believed […]

Luz Church

Kannur Fort

St Angelo Fort in Kannur and its stories 5

Heroes don’t feature in the stories around forts. A villain sometimes makes for a more interesting tale. That is the legend I hear when I land in Kannur. Colonial flavour runs high in the town even centuries after Vasco da Gama landed in Kerala (nearly 100 km south at Kozhikode, in 1498). Driving around forts, […]

Myths and legends of Orchha – A dead prince still lives

I love legends and myths. And they add a charm to every destination. In today’s day and age, when we learn to scoff at beliefs and superstitions, when we are cynical about everything we hear, stories like these act as magic potion . They give a different dimension to the rock we see or a […]

Orchha, myths and legends