Why I bought a credit card finally after ten years 2

A confession. I don’t have a credit card – at least for the record, I did not have one until yesterday. The last time I had a card was almost ten years ago and I had a huge dispute with the bank which had issued it. I had bought it because it had a tie […]

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Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

On the trail of the Berlin Wall

My trail of the Berliner Mauer or the Berlin Wall starts at one of the oldest landmarks of Berlin, Das Brandenburger Tor or the Brandenburg Gate.  It is 9 am and it has been raining since dawn. A group of young school children wearing colourful rain jackets stand in a row looking at this ancient […]

Five favourite destinations this December 6

In a few weeks, winter will be upon us. Fog will descend and our flight schedules are bound to be disrupted. Yet, it is the best time to visit India. The mountains beckon you, the migratory birds are here and the forests have just opened after the monsoons. Head to the snowy peaks of the […]

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Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

A visit to Lodurva, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 10

The rain stops and the sun’s rays stroke the pillared corridor of the palatial fortress Suryagarh. A pair of peacocks saunter in and stretch themselves lazily on the lawn.The sun is finally back  and it is a cue for me to step out and explore one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan built in Jaisalmer […]

Five reasons to visit South Australia 2

For most of us Australia is all about Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef. However twenty years ago, when I visited Adelaide, I instantly fell in love with it. Read my post ” Adelaide, Australia where it all began” It was late evening and the skies were painted in hues of grey but […]

Naracoorte Caves