Dhanushkodi – a town swallowed by a cyclone   Recently updated !

Sheets of rain tumble down from the skies as we reach the highest point in Rameshwaram town, nestled in down South Tamil Nadu. It is a temple where pilgrims believe, that Lord Rama’s footsteps have been etched on the sands of time. There is nothing archaic about this renovated shrine; however the landscape is rather […]



Can a traveller make money ? 4   Recently updated !

  I wake up to an email everyday asking me how to make money to travel. Well, I am no soothsayer .  But the query everyone wants to ask is about how to make enough money as a traveller. People think I have probably discovered a treasure somewhere that allows me to travel wherever and […]

Goa beyond beaches – The Shigmo Festival 6

I was in Goa a few years ago during spring and I got to see a different Goa beyond the beaches. It was the Shigmo Festival, which is celebrated across the state. Watch the video on Shigmo here I did publish a story on  Yahoo which was published a while ago It is twilight in […]

Goa, festival, Shigmo

A circus, Ireland

On a road trip from Dublin to Cork 9

There is music in the air, a song on the lips, and the feet gently tap to the rhythm of the beat. We are on the road, driving from Dublin towards Cork, cruising through the counties of Limerick and Tipperary listening to the strains of Molly Malone, the unofficial anthem of Dublin city, featuring a […]

Uncancel your travel plans 4

Egypt, Greece, Borneo, Prague, Lakshadweep, Sundarbans, Ajanta and Ellora, Gir, Spiti – any guesses what is common to all these destinations ? These are places I had lusted for, dreamt about, planned every moment of my visit there, combed guide books about them, fought with the husband for budgets, bugged him to take leave, applied […]

Pic Courtesy - Moyan_Brenn