Why I buy travel insurance

Travel stories are not always fun. There are stories of adventure and “misadventure.” And many a time, when we travellers gather together, we tell stories of many travels that have gone wrong. Memories take me to Edinburgh in Scotland when I boarded the last train to London, which was to […]

Travel Insurance

Travel, flight taking off

Tips for the Indian Budget Traveller 9   Recently updated !

Planning a holiday and yet wondering how to counter the weak rupee and the soaring prices ? All you need is a little planning to ensure that you get your penny worth as you can travel. And here are some simple tips for the Indian budget traveller that ensures that […]

The land of fairy chimneys – Cappadocia, Turkey 1

Swirling in front of me, against the cloudless blue sky is a group of dervishes caught amidst a frenzied performance. But they seem lifeless and their music cannot be heard anymore. It seems like a witch had come upon them while they were performing and turned them into stone. I […]

Valley of Imagination in Cappadocia

Turkey, dondurma

Dondurma , the elastic Turkish icecream 1   Recently updated !

There is more to Turkey than just Turkish coffee or the apple tea. If you love sweets, then you do not leave Turkey without a taste of baklava and its many flavours.  But if there is one delicacy that you must not miss, it is dondurma or the Turkish icecream. As […]

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul 3

I am on the road, travelling from one continent to another. My destination is the European quarter of the old city, Istanbul.  A melange of cultures across different timelines merges here as the Bosphorus strait bridges Asia and Europe in this ancient city. The skyline of Istanbul appears around me, […]

Hagia Sophia, Turkey, Istanbul