Spending 48 hours in Chennai as a tourist with Raintree Hotels 2   Recently updated !

Every time I visit Madras or Chennai as they call it today, I wonder if I am a tourist or a local. Even though I dont live there any more, I am there virtually every month. But this time, I decided to step into the shoes of a tourist and explore the city. And to […]

Raintree Hotels, Colony

Weavers, Narayanpet, sarees

Meeting the weavers of Narayanpet sarees   Recently updated !

Ramchander sits in the corner of his small room, his face framed by his loom, as he mechanically sets it in motion. The evening sun from a tiny window falls on him as a door opens and a couple of curious kids enter. The room is otherwise dark and dusty, but for the larger than […]

My first bird watching experience at Galibore 10

  “Shussh”, whispers the naturalist, as I rummage through my backpack a little noisily to pick up my pair of binoculars. He points towards a grove of trees and I follow his gaze.  But  I see nothing – just a row of gulmohar trees whose branches are tinged with hues of red . My travel […]

Cauvery Galibore


Amritsar to Pathankot with Honda Weekends 9

Do you know what are the three essentials for a road trip ? One is a great car, two is great company and three is great food. In my recent trip to Amritsar for Honda Weekends with fellow blogger, Ankita Sinha and auto experts, Bharat and Akshay, I realized the true essence of a road […]

Pattadakal – Temples built by queens, not kings 8

The red craggy sandstone cliffs form a rather stark background against the sky, accompanying me on my journey. Occasionally the scenery bursts into acres of green or bright yellow sunflower fields, but it is the mountains that gave me constant company.  The River Malaprabha interrupts my journey as small streams of water flow across the […]

Pattadakal temple, Virupaksha temple