Journeys and Jottings

It is always a great feeling when you end a month with a journey and begin the next with another. After a slow start, am travelling again this year and the next few months promises to be a roller coaster ride. September was extremely eventful, both literally and figuratively. I […]



My diary from aboard the Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner 3

Prologue Sunday, September 20, 2015, 5 am IST On the way to Bangalore International Airport It is the wee hours of the morning and there is a nip in the air. Most people would love to curl up on a Sunday morning and snore away until it was time for […]

Seshadri Dixit – the man who cycled across India 2

The sky is growing dark by the moment. The roads get narrower. The journey seems long and never ending. We traverse across regions that are sparsely inhabited but most of the time, I have just age old trees for company on the road . The hills part ways for us, […]

Seshadri Dixit

Gulmarg , Kashmir

Rain and snow at Gulmarg, Kashmir 2

“ Mumbai ka fashion and Kashmir ka mousam – donon ka koi barosa nahin,” says my driver Basheer, indicating that Kashmir’s weather is as fickle minded as Mumbai’s  fashion statements. Proving him right, the sun strode right on to the horizon with a flourish, pushing away all the damp grey […]

A morning at Pahalgam, Kashmir 2

I wake up to the darkness enveloping me in the room.  For a moment it is all silent around me. And then I hear the whistle again. A tad familiar and yet, I am unable to place it in this unfamiliar land. I wonder if I am dreaming. My watch […]

Kashmir, bird