Spain with a sweet tooth

Travelling is all about bringing home a collage of memories, which may come in the form of postcards, photographs, or people. You have a whole range of souvenirs to pick up from every place you visit — from T shirts to key chains, from magnets to glasses, from figurines to dolls. The choices are many. […]

Segovia, chocolates


Flashback 2014 3

If there was an apt title for this post, it should have been called..”The Roads Not Taken. ” 2014 has not been a great year for me from a traveller’s point of view, simply because I had to priortise some personal committments and health issues over travel. Hence I saw myself saying NO to over […]

The temples of Khajuraho 9

It is in the soft crimson light of the setting sun that I grasp the true meaning of sensuality. Lost in a world of caresses with passions running high are millions of exquisite sculptures carved on the walls of the temples in Khajuraho. They may be cast in stone but their emotions bring them alive. […]

Brahma temple in Khajuraho

American Express Make My TripCredit card

Why I bought a credit card finally after ten years 4

A confession. I don’t have a credit card – at least for the record, I did not have one until yesterday. The last time I had a card was almost ten years ago and I had a huge dispute with the bank which had issued it. I had bought it because it had a tie […]

On the trail of the Berlin Wall 1

My trail of the Berliner Mauer or the Berlin Wall starts at one of the oldest landmarks of Berlin, Das Brandenburger Tor or the Brandenburg Gate.  It is 9 am and it has been raining since dawn. A group of young school children wearing colourful rain jackets stand in a row looking at this ancient […]

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery