Journeys and Jottings   Recently updated !

Welcome to this new edition of Journeys and Jottings . Nostalgia seems to be the flavour of the season. If a traveller collects something, it is memories . A sight, a sound, a familiar touch strikes a chord. Memories can be many things for a traveller – a post card, a conversation, an […]

Story of a vaccinator

On the Cooum trail in Chennai 3   Recently updated !

Think Madras or Chennai and the Marina Beach flashes in front of your eyes . The temples, the churches, the bridges and the buildings follow one after the other.  And yet there is one sight that you do not wish to see. You switch off your senses the moment you […]

Ten old eateries in Chennai you must not miss 34   Recently updated !

It is Madras Day – the day a city celebrates its birthday . And what is a birthday without a party and great food ? So along with a friend and a foodie Vasudevan,  I decided to get all nostalgic and celebrate by heading to some of the oldest eateries […]


People make places

People make places – Stories from my travels in India -Part 1 5

I have always believed that people make places. What I mean is that it is not just the sights and sounds of a destination that adds to its flavour, but it is the people – their stories, their talents, their cultures and traditions. Almost everywhere I have travelled, I have […]

Sela Pass – History and Romance meet at a height of 13000 feet 7

It is cold and there is snow scattered all around me. I look around and think that if there is heaven on earth, then this should be it. Surrounding me are cotton candy clouds that have descended from the sky to earth covering  everything from mountain peaks to grasslands, flowers […]

Jaswant Garh, Tawang, Sela Pass