On a road trip in Bali, visiting temples 3

One of the best ways to discover a country is on a road trip. And while the husband and I were holidaying in Bali, I was keen to hire a car and drive around the country and visit as many temples as possible. The challenge however was to find our way through small villages and […]

Kecak dance, Bali

travel tweeters

Featured again ! Top 100 travel tweeters and more 12

As a blogger, I am always grateful to people who recognize my work and feature me in their websites, blogs and communities. And when the recognition comes from abroad, I let go of my modesty a bit. Recently I had posted that I was included in the top 100 social media influencers to be followed […]

Ten reasons to visit Chennai 8

It is a city that always tugs at my heartstrings even though I do not live there anymore. And yet Chennai or Madras where I was born and bred is the city I call home.¬† The lure of the city is so strong that even though I live 360 kms away in the neighbouring state, […]

St Marys Church, Fort St George, Chennai

Sunrise, Mashobra

Driving down in Himachal Pradesh to Mashobra and Chail 12

The roads curl and wind through the mountains, but every time I look out of the window, the deodars are there. And so are the conifers¬† and the pines, standing as sentinels, watching every new visitor on the Himalayan roads. While driving around The Himalayas, I hardly feel like I am moving from one town […]

Cruising down Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia 9

It was a beautiful day, one of those days when you would like to lose yourself in the never ending blue sky and watch the aimless drifting clouds float around it. I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, sitting amidst the ruins of a small shrine in Angkor Thom browsing on my Opera Mini browser looking […]

Tonle Sap, Cambodia, Siem Reap, floating villages