Five reasons why you must visit Kutch   Recently updated !

Kutch nahin dekha to kuch nahin dekha is not just a marketing tag line.  During my recent visit to the largest district in India, I realized the truth behind that line rendered in the booming voice of Amitabh Bachchan.  Almost every destination in India is unique in its own way and yet Kutch seems to […]

Flamingos in Kutch

Badami Caves

A visit to Badami caves 4

There is something magical about a road trip. Only a magic wand can transform dry dusty villages into picturesque fields brimming with sunflowers, their heads nodding in glee towards the sun. The same moody wizard has suddenly flattened the landscape, filling it with stunted vegetation and thorny shrubs and then as per his whim, created […]

The Gujarati thali – it’s an experience ! 3

In Gujarat all that one does is to eat – in the streets, in the restaurants. Last month, I was travelling a bit around Kutch and finally landed in Ahmedabad with a bit of an upset stomach after all the eating .Dabelis, samosas, jalebis, bhaji paav, fafda, dalvada ..I can go on. Where else will […]

CY Ahmedabad Shakahari 1

Cholas, Pallavas, Seeyamanagalam, Shiva, Nataraja

Sculptures of Shiva in temples of South India 4

Almost every temple in India is either dedicated to Shiva or Vishnu and their consorts. While every temple has a spiritual significance to it, there are some shrines that remain etched in my mind. I am often taken in by sculptures, although I am no art historian or an architectural expert. They have a magnetic […]

Sighting wildlife and birds at Kangaroo Island, South Australia

“So what do you think ? Is it a camel or an elephant ?” Nikki teases me.  Standing atop a hilltop, right in front of me is a massive rock formation overlooking the sea. It seems like it has been sculpted by an artist who could not make up his mind while carving it. As […]

kangaroo island -beach